Our cold gas model VARIO 5V. is a new flexibly and state-of-the-art designed tele-injection applicator.
The light weight as well as the convenient arrangement of the control elements facilitate its flexible handling.

The tele-injection applicator can be used as a pistol without a butt for more flexible handling when working in tight spaces.

Due to the butt’s design, the shooter gains more stability in aiming and administering, and therefore results in a better shooting performance of the pistol.

The 5V. is either powered by 16 g CO2 cartridges or by foot pump.
The 74 g CO2 cartridge is a new, third variant to this model. A built-in pressure gauge makes it easier to choose the right pressure. An additional built-in safety valve prevents the pressure gauge to overwind.
The syringe insertion device is equipped with a positioning pin, thus enabling an easier insertion of the syringe without further tools.

A rear sight mounting assembly facilitates aiming and therefore a more gentle and animal-friendly application shot.

Thanks to an interchangeable barrel 13 mm, the pistol can be used for the entire range of tele-injections.

Technical Specifications

Weight (kg) 2,3
Dimensions (mm) 1210 (560) x 250 x 55 mm
Caliber (mm) 11
Syringe Volume (ml) 1 – 3 ml (11 mm). 5 – 20 ml (13 mm)
Pressure Range (bar) 0 – 16 bar
Powered by CO2 cartridge supply or pedal air pump
Range (m) 5 – 50
Sighting System rear sight mounting assembly

Contents of delivery

5V. with rear sight mounting assembly, 800 mm standard barrel 11 mm (31L2/5V.C) with barrel cleaning device, built-in CO2 cartridge supply, with assembly rail for telescopic sight or red point.

The items are delivered in a hard plastic case.

Conditions of Delivery

Tele-injection devices with muzzle energy exceeding 7.5 joule are regulated by the German Weapons Act. In Germany an original copy of your valid firearms ownership license along with a Criminal Records Bureau check are required when placing an order.

Prior to ordering customers from EU countries require an import license according to:
Article 11(3)/ Directive 91/477/EEC, Article 10(3)/ Directive 93/15/EWG.
In countries of the rest of the world please notice the fire arms regulation in your country.
Contact your local authorities to avoid problems during the importation of the applicator.