G.U.T. 50

Gas-Applicator for universal Tele-Injection

Gasgewehr G.U.T.50

The G.U.T.50 is the result of many years of development.

Working from improved Tele-Injection technology and over 30 years of practical experience in wild-animal immobilization, TELEINJECT has developed a new device which surpasses all others . The G.U.T. 50 has no match for its variable uses, precision, comfortable operation and ease of maintenance.

The function and use of a modern Tele-Injection are no longer limited to the mere immobilization of animals. Cold gas applicator are used to administer medication such as antibiotics, vitamins, and anthelminthics (vermifuges), and the possibilities do not end there. Whole herds of live stock can be immunized, and tissue samples taken.

Animals that have been immobilized typically flee until the anesthesia begins to have an effect, and are then difficult to find. The addition of a radio transmitter on the injection syringe allows for the easy and quick tracking of the animals with the corresponding radio receiver.

Exchange barrel, designed for large volumes

The exchange barrel allows for the use of the device for extremely sensitive animals, those with thin hides, and even for birds. The use of this device has allowed for the life-saving treatment of many injured storks.

Increasing the pressure

By increasing the pressure of the shot, the distance of a shot for large animals (such as elephants or Rhinoceroses) can be extended to 70 m.

However, it is important for us to emphasize that the optimal distance for an animal-friendly Tele-injection, depending on the size of the animal, is between 5 and 50 m.

Continuously variable pressure regulation facilitates the most animal-friendly application possible.

The built-in pressure gage facilitates the correct settings of the pressure in relation to the distance of the target animal. This pressure is generated by a CO2 Cartridge embedded in the handle, or a foot powered air pump.

Gasgewehr G.U.T.50

Quick reload of the dart syringe

The breech loading system enables a quick reload of the dart syringe.

Aiming is trough an adjustable rear sight notch which is sufficient for nearly all applications.

Telescopic sight

The standard fitting of a telescopic sight mounting assembly allows the professional user the ability to use a another lens if necessary.


The G.U.T.50 from TELINJECT is a Tele-Injection which has stood up to the test of many years of use in the most extreme conditions in countless locations, including the tundra of Alaska, the Tropics of Zaire, and the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

Technical Specifications
Weight (kg)

2,7 kg

Dimensions L x W x H (mm)

1210 x 65 x 190

Caliber (mm)

11 / 13

Syringe volumes

1-3 / 5-20 ml

Range of pressure (bar)

0-16 bar

Powered by pressure

CO2-device or foot pump

Range (m)

5 - 50 m

Sighting system

by adjustable rear sight notch

Scope of delivery

Scope of Delivery for the TELINJECT G.U.T.50

  • Adjustable rear sight notch
  • 11 mm Barrel
  • cartridgeholder for C02-cartridge
  • Mounting Rail for Telescopic Sight
Gewehrkoffer SAFE-1S

Included in the delivery of the G.U.T.50. Rifle is a sturdy carrying and storage case made of synthetic material.

(Picture shows G.U.T.50 in SAFE-1S)


What accessories is available

Order Number

CO2-Cartridge, 16 g


Standard barrel 11 mm

(Syringe: S100V3, S300V)


Special barrel 13 mm Carbon

(Syringes larger than 5 cc)

V.ZUB gr.

VARIO Starter Kit


Telescopic Sight


Telescopic Sight with aiming point red


Rifle Case

1210 x 390 x 130 mm




Starter Kit V.ZUB gr.

Conditions of Delivery

Tele-injection devices with muzzle energy exceeding 7.5 joule are regulated by the German Weapons Act. In Germany an original copy of your valid firearms ownership license along with a Criminal Records Bureau check are required when placing an order.

Prior to ordering customers from EU countries require an import license according to:

Article 11(3)/ Directive 91/477/EEC, Article 10(3)/ Directive 93/15/EWG.

In countries of the rest of the world please notice the fire arms regulation in your country.

Contact your local authorities to avoid problems during the importation of the applicator.