Optical Instruments

Auxiliary means

An animal-friendly Tele-Injection requires a small as possible force of impact. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to have the correct pressure setting in relation to the distance of the target.

TELINJECT offers equipment to aid the user in aiming and the proper distance calculation.


During years of experience with users of our products, we have seen that not-yet experienced Tele-Injectionsshooters and practiced shooters in the wild may come across situations where their inability to accurately judge distance prevents true success with their shots.


Countless shots gone bad, with their associated stress for the person shooting and for the animal, could have been avoided with the use of a distance meter.

Of course, judging distance accurately can be learned and improved through constant practice. For this purpose, TELINJECT offers this Laser – Rangefinder.

Technical specifications Rangefinder

13 x 82 x 48 mm


204 g

Measuring range

15 - 600 m

Measurement accuracy

± 1 m


with pocket

This is the worlds most simple to use, yet advanced laser rangefinder. Using digital technology and by measuring only 13 x 82 x 48 mm and a weight from 204g, this laser rangefinder delivers superb and accurate range performance to +/- 1 metre range to a deer as far as 600 metres away for a reference point. The single button operation allows outdoor enthusiasts to easily measure distance with confidence.


A special technological aid for Tele-Injection is the REDPOINT. The red dot appears only in the visor, unlike in laser targeting devices which shine on the target directly.

Unlike the average telescopic sights, the REDPOINT does not magnify, which allows the shooter to keep both eyes open when targeting, and guarantees accuracy when a quick shots (for standing or moving animals) is necessary. Because the eye is not centered in the visor, the shot is aimed exactly where the red dot indicates.

Technical Specifications REDPOINT

30 mm


182 g with High Mount


3 V Lithium

Telescopic Sight

Users which normally use Telescopic sights for targeting, can also use these for TELINJECT-Applicators.

Technical aids, which raise the success rate, assist the user of the device and insure the optimal well-being of the target animal.

Specifications Telescopic Sight
Order number

Telescopic Sight


increase 3 up to 12