TELINJECT in portrait

TELINJECT GmbH has established a world-wide reputation as a pioneer in animal-friendly long distance injections using the blowgun technique, and has been on the market for veterinary medicine products for over 40 years.

Werner Kullmann
Ureinwohner im Amazonasbecken bei Blasrohrtechnik

The company was founded in 1972 by the engineer Werner Kullmann, who was instrumental in developing the gentle, low-impact blowgun method.

Kullman was inspired by native hunters in the Amazon Basin, and developed his silent, gentle, and non-stress-inducing blowpipe technique for the administration of medication, stimulants, and anesthesia. With this method, the risk of injury- both animal AND human- is greatly reduced, as well as the negative effects of many more-or-less gentle capture and holding methods.

Diverse Pistolen zur Betäubung
Schautafel mit VARIO Leichtspritzen
Kaltgasgerät VARIO 5V.

Origin and further development

This system of application has been further expanded in the past few years, and has been adapted with a multitude of adjustments for many different applications.

As well as the blowgun system, we offer very precise gas or compressed air pistols and rifles.

Our customer base includes domestic wildparks, zoos all over the globe, and even the largest National Parks of the world. Firefighters, police, veterinarians, and wildlife protection agencies depend on the time-tested and proven TELINJECT system.

Because of the large acceptance of our products, we have been able to build up an international distribution network of 16 competent branches and support centers.

These are our customers: