PL4 Pistol

This robust device is easy to operate and offers a tremendous range of up to 30m with good marksmanship.

The PL4 pistol is an easier to handle pistol model as it comes with a flange that makes it possible to work faster.

It is predominantly used in zoos, animal and wildlife parks but it is also popular with the police and fire departments that want to stun and treat animals in short distances.

The device itself consists of a pressure-resistant, low-maintenance pistol butt made of aluminum alloy and an 80cm barrel made of carbon fiber.  A quick connect coupling assembly allows to quickly connect and disconnect the CO2 supply for comfortable operating or a pedal air-pump for efficient working.

The built-up pressure can be read via a manometer on the CO2 supply or on the pedal air-pump. A rear sight mounting assembly facilitates a gentle and animal-friendly application shot.

The PL4 pistol offers you an efficient and comfortable alternative for gentle and animal-friendly tele-injections in your field of work.

Technical Specifications

Weight PL4 (PL4-F) 835 g, (2160)
Dimensions L x B x H 900 x 300 x 90, (900 x 240 x 40)
Calibre (mm)    11 / 13
Syringe Volume (cc) 1-3 / 5-20
Pressure Range 0-10 bar, (0-6 bar)
Powered by CO2-device  (footpump)
Range 25-30 m (20-25 m)
Sighting System hole rear sight

Scope of delivery

Model PL4 PL4-F
Calibre (mm) 11 11
Barrel 800 mm
Standard 31L2/PL4
800 mm
Standard 31L2/PL4
Add-On for Syringes

bigger than 5 cc

Barrel 51L2/PL4 (13 mm) Barrel 51L2/PL4 (13 mm)
Sighting System hole rear sight hole rear sight
Grip Pistol Pistol
Powered by CO2-device foot pump
Extras loading gate loading gate


Order Number Description
CO2C3 CO2-Cartridge, 16 g
V.ZUB kl./gr. VARIO Starter Kit Small/Large
CO2-PL4 CO2-device for Pistols
FLP foot pump
51L2/PL4 Special Barrel for Syringes larger than 5 cc
SAFE 3 Pistol Case, Dimensions: 820 x 290 x 80 mm

Conditions of Delivery

Tele-Injection devices with muzzle energy exceeding 7,5  joule are regulated by the German Weapons Act. In Germany an original copy of your valid firearms ownership license along with a Criminal Records Bureau check are required when placing an order.

Prior to ordering customers from EU countries require an import license according to: Article 11(3)/ Directive 91/477/EWG, Article 10(3)/ Directive 93/15/EWG. In countries of the rest of the world please notice the firearms regulation in your country. Contact your local authorities to avoid problems during the importation of the applicator.