Animal Marking

Transponder Implant

A relatively new area of use for Tele-Injection is animal marking with the use of a transponder implant.

TELINJECT offers this technology for veterinary practice and for use in the field.

This technology can be used in Tele-Injection and in hand injectors, which include a transponder and the associated scanner.

Distance Implant Injection

The so-called Distance Implant Injection aids in the marking of wild animals or animals which can only be captured with extreme effort and high risk of injury.

Through the Overpressure principle in the Carrier syringe (identical to the function of the cold gas applicators, a piston is pushed into the transponder cannule at impact. This forces the transponder forwards out of the needle, and into the tissue of the animal to be marked.


The picture shows the individual parts of the distance implant injection (from top to bottom):

  • Injection syringe with stabilizer and expulsion piston
  • Cannule
  • Transponder
  • Silicon stopper


Hand Injectors have been developed for use mainly in veterinary practice. The veterinarian can implant the animal transponder in tame pets or domestic animals, or anesthetized wild animals.

The model IID-100 fulfills the hygiene and sterility requirements for long-term use in veterinary medicine.

The smaller model IID-200 is intended to be used in mobile operations and only for low numbers of markings.

Both injectors can be used with transponder types ID 100, ID 162, and ID 162-D (both standardized per DIN ISO 11784).

Handinjektor für Tierärzte


Our transponders are up to par with the newest and most advanced technology availiable. They are suitable for use in hand-held injectors as well as in the TELINJECT Distance Implant Injection.

ID 100, ID 162 and ID 162-D are the transponder types currently available for delivery.

They have a Bioglass sheath and are packed in a ready-to-use sterile application cannule.

Transponder mit Bioglas-Ummantelung

Transponder Scanner

A transponder reader is necessary for the identification of animals with transponders.

The EUR 1000 Multi-Chip hand-held transponder scanner is suitable for all transponder types standardized under DIN ISO 11784/11785.

It has a reading distance of up to 15 cm, can save datasets and transmit data online, over a RS232 interface, or, (in a time delay) to a computer.

Scope of Delivery – EUR 1000 Multi-Chip Hand Scanner

  • Recharging Station


  • Extra Replacable Battery
  • Data Cable
  • Carrying Case

The EUR 1000 Multi-Chip Hand Scanner recognizes and reads all transponder coding systems.

Lesegerät zur Identifikation von Tieren
Technical Data – EUR 1000 Multi-Chip Hand Reader

DIN ISO 11784/11785 (FDX-B, HDX) mit Annex A (Destron, Datamars, trovan), EM IC H4002


2000 Data Sets (including date, time and other criteria)

Power supply

7,2 V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery

Data transmission

RS232, 19.200 Baud


2-lines, each with 16 characters

Operating temperature

0 to + 50°C


IP 65, Water resistant

Reading Distance

ca. 15 cm