Introduction to the Blowpipe

Blowpipe and poison darts have been used by human beings as hunting and war weapons for hundreds of years, and are even found in use today by primitive cultures in South America.

Diverse Blasrohre von TELINJECT

It took many years of development to adapt these methods, with their animal-friendly advantages (for example the nearly noiseless firing of a dart with a very low force of impact), and make them suitable for use in veterinary medicine applications.

TELINJECT blowguns are made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and are available in many different sizes. A funnel-shaped mouthpiece facilitates the optimal blowing of air into the pipe.

TELINJECT syringes are made of a light, very durable artificial material.

The cannulen are similar to the intravenous needles use in human medicine. The laterally located needle openings are sealed with a small stopper that is stuck over the needle, but allows the needle point to protrude. On impact on the target animal, the cannule penetrates into the skin tissue, and the stopper is pushed back from the opening of the needle, which allows the contents of the syringe to be injected.

The aerodynamic Stabilizer – a feather-like puff of wool on the end of the syringe – serves to stabilize the flight path of the projectile after it leaves the blowgun.

Schautafel mit Blasrohren

Which Blowpipe?

Which Blowpipe do I Need?

The following are a few criteria for choosing the proper blowpipe for your needs:

  • The length of the blowpipe determines the range of the shot
  • the size of the syringe to be used determines the necessary calibre (diameter) of the blowpipe.
  • A blowpipe constructed out of two 1-metre blowpipe sections allows a more variable range distance as opposed to the 1 or 2 metre version, and is very easy and safe to transport.
  • The set includes a selection of Syringes that are made specifically for the blowpipe, the cannule that fit these Syringes, and practice darts. A filling and care set, as well as a cleaning set, complete the basic equipment.
  • blowpipe syringes and the corresponding needles are available in four different variations.
  • With the purchase of a TELINJECT set (see the table blowpipe Sets), the user receives the complete set of equipment necessary for a practical use, meaning the user must only supply the medication needed.
  • Practicing with the blowpipe is a lot of fun – and only practice makes perfect!

*) Our blowpipe syringes and needles are only suitable for use in blowpipes.

Care and Accessories for TELINJECT products

All syringes and special needles are reusable, and careful maintenance extends their lifespan and protects their operating capacity. A few tips:

  • After the use of the syringes, wash all residue of medication and blood off of the the cannule under running water.
  • Throw away the needle stopper.
  • To clean the syringe, run distilled water through the one time use syringe. With the coupling piece, press the water in the medicine compartment of the syringe(which is still under light pressure), and then pull it out again. Repeat until all medicine residue is gone.
  • To improve or retain the mobility of the rubber stopper of the medicine compartment, we recommend the following steps: Push the rubber stopper with the air injector syringe and the attached coupler piece as far back as possible. Carefully put 1 –2 drops of silicon oil (other oils will damage the syringe!), with the one-use syringe and attached one-use cannule, in the medicine compartment, and by twisting and turning the TELINJECT syringe, spread the oil. Move the plunger back and forth, until it moves freely. Now, let the air out of the syringe. Important: The syringe tip must remain free of oil!
  • The syringe can dry out and lose its elasticity, become brittle, and possibly break if exposed to air with a low moisture content.
  • Protect all syringes from UV-light and direct sunlight.

The TELINJECT team wishes you the best of success with your Tele-Injection.

TELINJECT blowpipe Syringes are only suitable for use in blowpipes. We take no responsibility for damages occurring through improper handling.

Blowpipes and their associated syringes are available for purchase by persons 18 years of age and older.