Biopsy Attachement

Biopsieaufsatz zur Gewebeprobenentnahme

Tissue sampling

Tissue samples can have a huge significance in estimating the physical fitness of wild animals.

“But how is it possible to acquire this biopsy material from animals, without disturbing the animals or without the dangerous capture of the animal?”

The biopsy attachment from TELINJECT offers veterinarians a quick and easy method, one which avoids stress and the possibility of error, to take tissue samples from animals.

The system is a further development of a technology originally developed by the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology (Seewiesen)

  • The biopsy attachment is attached to a VARIO Standard Syringe S300V, and shot from an optimal distance to the necessary body part of the target animal.
  • The sample remover hull, with the sensor needle of the attachment, penetrates a few millimeters into the flesh of the animal. As this occurs, a piece of tissue approximately the size of the head of a match is stamped out, and captured in the sample remover hull.
  • Through the rebound force after impact, the syringe falls, and can be collected and used for whatever purpose necessary.

This method of sample-taking proceeds without the uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous procedure of capture, anesthesia, tissue sampling, and reactivation.

For the animal, there is little-to-no impact, other than the possible mild irritation felt from an annoying parasite or bug.

Tele-Biopsy from TELINJECT – the time-saving and low-stress alternative for medical examinations, not just suitable for wild animals.