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TELINJECT - animal-friendly distance injection

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The TELINJECT devices enjoy despite - or perhaps because of - their relatively simple construction lasting popularity.


Nothing is easier as to watch a video of how!


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Animal-friendly distance injection, engineered and produced based on many years of practical experience in animal care.

TELINJECT is based in Dudenhofen, Germany, and is a global provider of products, accessories, refill materials, and technical equipment, with 16 branches all over the world.

All equipment necessary for the low-impact handling of animals when administering medicine, vitamine, tranquilizers, animal identification, or biopsy, are available from us, and are described under the menu item “Products.”

Using the navigation menu above, you can find out more information about presentation dates, TELINJECT addresses world-wide, and the contact information at our headquarters in Dudenhofen.

If are in need of equipment which you do not find listed on our site, please feel free to contact us. We may be able to help you further, as we are constantly developing and expanding our range of products.

Illustrated documentation describes syringe filling in an easy-to-understand manner and is available for download.

TELINJECT Gebrauchsanweisungen

animal-friendly distance injection

With 16 branches worldwide, TELINJECT offers comprehensive products such as:

Blowpipe, anaesthetic gun and anaesthetic rifle for treating or anaesthetising animals and the matching accessories such as: Blowpipe syringes, blowpipe needles, VARIO gun syringes, VARIO gun needles and filling and care kits to fill the syringes and care for the needles and syringes after use, as well as consumables and technical equipment.

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