Development of the Distance Injection

schonende Teleapplikation

40 years ago, Werner Kullmann was involved in an intensive study of a gentle method for capturing Fallow Deer.

Originally conceived of as a stress-free method – one which avoided the dangerous and risky capture of the animals – for relocating the deer, Kullmann soon came to see the tremendous potential of his invention when used with other applications and technology.


Treat injured and ill animals

This ingenious system, which uses a compressed-air driven passive injection automatic, functions without dangerous or loud technology such as a percussion fuse. This effectively minimizes the danger of injury associated with the possible spooking of an animal, and its attempted escape.

The use of these so-called cold gas applicators also offers the advantage of continuously variable pressure control, which allows the velocity of the shot to be adjusted to fit the actual distance of the shot. This allows the user to control the force of impact, and thereby achieve the most optimal animal-friendly application.

The tele-application offers wildlife keepers and scientists the possibility to apply transponders at a distance. This is an efficient tool for analysing territorial and social behaviour or migration movements of individual animals and herds in more detail.

Kullman was able to develop these devices because of his engineering knowledge and technical understanding, his love of creating, and his wish to preserve and protect the earth’s fantastic wild creatures through animal stewardship.

Today, TELINJECT offers a wide selection of applications offering solutions appropriate for countless uses in the area of animal study, care, and protection.