General Notice

TELINJECT blowpipe Syringes are only suitable for use in blowpipes. We take no responsibility for damages occurring through improper use or handling.

blowpipes and their associated syringes are available for purchase by persons 18 years of age or older.

Blowpipe Syringes

Order Number. Stabilizer Syringe Volumes (cc) for blowpipes with a Calibre (mm): Picture
11 14
S10B3 orange 1 cc S10B3
S20B3 orange 2 cc S20B3
S30B orange 3 cc S30B
S50B rot/gelb 5 cc  S50B neu
U30B orange x U30B neu
UK1530V x  x  UK1530V

Blowpipe Needles

Order Number Article Ø x Length (mm) Suitable for Picture
K0925B blowpipe needle 0,9 x 25 Small Apes and Birds K0925B
K1130B blowpipe needle 1,1 x 30 Small Animals K1130B
K1138B blowpipe needle 1,1 x 38 Large Dogs K1138B
K1238B blowpipe needle 1,2 x 38 Animals with Thick Hides K1238B
UK1530V Training needle 1,5 x 30 blowpipe Syringe UK1530V
EOOO-n Sealing sleeves 50 Stück Needle Diametres of
0,9 – 1,2 mm